Why Celtic Salt?!

Salt farmers harvesting salt, Pak Thale, Ban L...

Salt farmers harvesting salt, Pak Thale, Ban Laem, Phetchaburi, Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fleur de Sel sea salt from Guérande, France in...

Fleur de Sel sea salt from Guérande, France in its original box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sea-salt-minemaio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Fleur de Sel, known in Portugal, is hand-harvested, in the Algarve region of Portugal. During the harvest process, the first layer produces the finest and most mineral rich crystals, to be used, not duing cooking process, but to season dishes prior to serving. When used with simple foods…the flavor is accentuated. In days gone by, a Portuguese salt worked had referred to Flor de Sal as “salt cream,” as it was and is still collected from the salt pan surface, as milk is skimmed to remove butter cream. The second (called Gray Salt) and subsequent layers are coarser in flavor and color. These layers sill produce hand harvested sea salt, such as Celtic Salt.   These salts are superior to processed salts in terms of purity and taste.

At the bottom of the food salt pyramid (in terms of taste, nutrition and ecological impact) is commerical, iodized salt, wich is known for its harsh, artificial, and chemical taste.

 Next is what is considered coarse salt is industrial Grade sea salt, which does not have iodine and sometimes lacks the anti-caking agents present in table salt. Hand harvest sea salt, which include Kosher salt and Celtic salt, is commonly used in the cooking process, due to the coarse nature. Kosher salt, contrary to popular belief, is simply coarse salt (not processed as table salt, and not rock salt, which requires grinding), which has been certified kosher. Chefs prefer this salt for cookng, as it is much easier to control the saltiness of food using coarse salt, and does not require any grinding.

The taste difference between Flor de Sal and lower grades of salt can be compared to the difference between pure, high grade maple syrup and corn syrup based pancake syrups. Flor de Sal has a rich, reamy, sweet flavor that melts on the tongue. It also contain trace minerals needed for good health, such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium. 

Necton’s Flor de Sal and Celtic salt are some of the finest sea salts in the world. The quality of a sea salt depends on both climate of a region and the level of quality control exercised over the process of harvesting. The best known French Fleur de Sel hails from Brittany,which has a rainy climate. The rainfall in this region stirs up clay at the bottom of the ocean and mixes in with the salt crystals that get raked up during harvesting.   This results in grayer and less pure salt than that which is harvested from the Portugal region. This region has a much sunnier, hotter and less rainy climate, at a third to half of the rainfall during summer months.  The result: brilliantly white Celtic salt that has all the micronutrients naturally found in ocean waters without discoloration. Necton proudly adheres to the quality standards outlied by ‘Nature et Prores’, equivalent to certified organic produce, which ensures the highest level of purity in their Celtic Salt. White Celtic Salt is actually an off white color. This salt is superb. Offering as much as 73 micronutients your body needs. It will stay a bit moist….this means no agents to prevent caking have been added. 

Himalayan Pink Salt is the very best of the best in the salt world. Can be rather pricey. But you can’t go wrong with Himalayan Pink Salt or Celtic Salt…either way.  Very delicious in taste and very healthy for the body.

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