Simple Medicinal Remedy

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English: A cast iron potjie on a fire‎, very s...

English: A cast iron potjie on a fire‎, very similar to a Dutch oven עברית: סיר ברזל – פויקה (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we consider future opportunities for service, planning should be given to helping people in emergencies. Catastrophes are prophesied to happen in our world and in our community. We may sometimes find ourselves limited to simple remedies.

Making Activated Charcoal: You can use a cast iron dutch oven….or a galvanized washtub….make sure it is air tight. Build an outdoor fire….Cut small pieces of wood no larger than one inch in diameter and broken into lengths that will fit inside your pan. By placing a lid onto the pan this reduces oxygen.  Let it cook for 1 1/2 hours.    At the end of the cooking time, pull the tub off the fire and let cool with lid still on it. If the lid is removed while charcoal is still hot, it will burst into flames.  When it cools….take lid off and you will find one inch black “pencils”.   Then grind the charcoal into powder with mortar and pestle.   Afterwards, store in clean mason jar. You are now ready to make poultices, drawing salves, and flu medicine.  Activated charcoal is great for upset stomachs, bug bites, placing in glass of water to help rid what ails you.

Women’s Hygiene: Life for women changed considerably with modern invention of disposable padding. Poverty still dictates the use of ancient methods. In some cultures gravity alone serves some women.   Native women wore a leather thong padded with dried moss. Soft, absorbent, and disposable, these materials also served as baby diapers and bandages. The women harvested and piled the moss to dry for a few weeks before being used. In earlier white cultures, each woman had her own set of “rags”…..several sets of absorbent cloths which she kept clean and folded….these were pinned to her underwear. Rags are best rinsed in cold water to remove blood, then boiled, scrubbed with soap, rinsed and hung to dry in the sun.

Aspirin: Aspirin is used medicinally for bringing down a fever, pain relief and for anticoagulation. There are a number of herbs that will do the same: white willow bark, meadow sweet, wild lettuce, etc. Pain in the abdomen or elsewhere can sometimes be eased by drinking a glassful of water every 10 minutes for one hour. Headaches can be relieved in this way as well. Anticoagulants can be in the form of 5 oz. of grape juice a day, garlic in moderation, one clove daily…..hawthorn berry tea, up to 4 cups daily, ginkgo biloba and feverfew as well.

Cold Remedy: Elderberry extract at first sign of cold. Echinacea and goldenseal will shorten the course. These herbs  may also make the person less contagious. Tepid sponge baths and wet sheet packs are recommended to reduce fevers. For related headaches, a hot foot bath along with Valerian and white willow bark. Garlic blended in hot water with lemon makes a valuable drink to treat viral infections.

Laxatives: One to two Tablespoons of ground flaxseed daily. Epsom salts and slippery elm can also be used. Herbal agents such as senna and cascara sagrada should be used only for difficult cases.

Antiseptics: Goldenseal tea or garlic tea. Cook in water…not boiling. Pour into blender and use as antiseptic.

Immunity: The eight natural laws of health do more to keep your immune system functioning properly than any drug. If an infection has occurred, Echinacea helps the immune defenses more than any other known herb. Other immune enhancers are contrast showers, mild fever baths, astragalus, and garlic. Remember to get plenty of sunshine, exercise, avoid sugar and high fat foods.


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  1. Kathi
    Jan 08, 2014 @ 14:26:25

    Very good information to have on hand; thank you for sharing it at the HomeAcre Hop. I hope you’ll join us again this Thusday.


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