Growing Shitake Mushrooms

120px-ShiitakegrowingAs I get more and more into doing things “home made” for my family….the broader my list of things to try becomes.  We love mushrooms…and have decided to take it a step further and just grow them for ourselves or for the upcoming Farmers Markets that are in the not so distant future this summer. If you want to grow lots to sell….you will need possibly a place with humidity and temperature control…for personal use all you need are some stacked logs in a shady spot with regular wettings.

Just hand drill holes in the logs…inoculate and wax an average of three 42″ logs per hour. You can also make the logs into 24″ for ease. You can purchase the inoculations from seed companies.

There is one thought on the waxing….not recommended to use beeswax. Reason is that beeswax can contain fungi, spores, and other bacteria that can contaminate. Recommended is cheese wax which is approved for food.  You can inoculate the logs in March and be eating mushrooms by early October. I have dried several batches and they can give off a little smell as they are drying. We use mushrooms in soups, as a meat substitute, or in breakfast omelets etc.

Mushrooms freeze well

Shitake mushrooms help to protect us against cardiovascular diseases which includes “hardening of the arteries” and are a very good non-animal food source of iron. Mushrooms can be one of the most sustainable foods in your diet!! Shitake Mushrooms are very rich in B vitamins and great source of vitamin D2 and dietary fiber. They contain a wide variety of phytonutrients and are a great concentrated source of minerals. Sauteeing for 7 minutes brings out the best flavor.

The immune support track record for this mushroom is fascinating. They help stimulate the immune system responses. There are anti-cancer benefits of which are still preliminary. Of what it has shown in lab results….the different compounds in shitake mushrooms work together to accomplish anti-tumor results.  These same findings are also showing a great interest in what has been happening with people who have Rheumatoid Arthritis.  And to many surprises….there is decreased susceptibility to colds, flu and the such in those who eat them.

So at our home……bring on the mushrooms!!!!


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