Bible Studies

Hello….I am so glad you decided to look over these Bible Studies. These studies are relational in nature. These lessons are to draw us nearer to Jesus and to apply certain disciplines in our lives that keep us close to Him. My prayer is that you feel refreshed and revitalized by the truths of Jesus Christ. May your heart be open and receptive to receiving God’s word and instruction. By  drawing closer to Jesus may our countenances reflect His love so that others will want Him in their lives as well.

Jesus Christ is the center of attraction. His merciful love will melt and subdue hearts. His message is to go to the four corners of the earth to prepare the way of the Lord.

He will raise up from among the common men and women to do His work, just as the disciples of old were fishermen and called to be Fishers of Men. If we surrender our lives to His service, we can never be placed in a position for which God has not made provision. Whatever our situation, we have a Guide to direct our ways. Whatever our sorrows are, we have a sympathizing Friend. Whatever our perplexities are, we have a Counselor.

01 Finding Peace In The Bible

02 Why You Need A Saviour

03 How God Saved Us

04 God’s Supreme Sacrifice

05 Faith–What Is It

06 The Christian’s Source of Power

07 Conversion and Repentance

08 Surrender


09 Growing Up In Christ

10 The Second Advent of Christ

11 Signs of Christ’s Coming

12 Death


13 How Evil Began

14 The Truth About Hell

15 Satan’s Time Out–The Millennium

16 Heaven

17 Why God Allows Suffering

18 God’s Law of Love

19 The Sabbath–God’s Sign of Faithfulness

20 Why So Many Denominations

21 God’s Seal and Satan’s Mark

22 God’s Warning–The Mark of The Beast

23 The Meaning of the 144,000

24 Principles of Health

25 Christian Standards of Living

26 The Meaning of Baptism

27 God’s Money, Our Responsibility

28 Principles For Resolving Conflict

29 Prophecy–True or False

30 Living As A Disciple





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